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If you like training WTBA stuff, please read the following.

A Message From Eli Montaigue.


Keeping the WTBA family together is up to me now. A lot of people are asking the question, “Where is the WTBA going? What are Eli plans? What direction will he take?”


My plan is really nothing different than what Dad’s done for the last 32 years, to keep running the WTBA like no other martial arts club.

Nothing forced, no annual fees to be a member, or even an instructor. It’s a great plan, why change it!


However, I would like to bring in some kind of formality in, with regard to those instructors who get their grading then never come to class again etc.

Or those who might have come to a good amount of training, but now have faded away. Of course there are those who might have started with Dad back in the 80’s etc, whether you’ve taken your training to a high level or not, you might have other things to do in life now, spending more time with family etc etc, as much as I’d love to have you come to a camp to train, I don’t expect people to keep coming to classes for the rest of their lives. Though if you’re still training and teaching, it would be nice to see you. Not because you need to learn new stuff, just to keep the family together.


To become good at this stuff, it’s up to you, not me, and not who ever your main teacher is.

You have to want it to get it, doesn’t matter how many workshop and classes you attend, if you don’t practice on your own you’ll never get it.

And this doesn’t just mean doing your form, and doing your push hands. You have to go through your training being hard on yourself, if you can’t doing a certain posture correctly, you should analyse it, look at the DVD’s, or remember it and ask at your next class.


I never got to where I am from Dad telling me what to do, sure in the beginning you don’t know what you should be doing, so are told.

But after I had all the basics down I would chase Dad around the house asking him questions, go away and train, and every little thing I didn’t understand I’d ask,  and with him constantly punching me in the face in push hands etc till I learnt how to stop it. And then to give it back to him too! I’d never seen him happier than when I got to the stage of equalling him in Push Hands and would punch him in the face!

But I got to this level because I wanted it, not because Dad wanted it.



My students that have been with me 4 years are at a higher level than some instructors that have been training 10 or 15 years.

Not just because they’ve had weekly training with me, but because they want to be good.


The other thing that will make you get better, is never thinking you’ve got it! So many instructors think they’ve got it, and even though they keep coming to classes, they just go through the motions, as they think they know it, so don’t need to pay attention. But then the most senior instructors there are asking questions about it, these are the ones who really learn.


The people who learn the most, and get to the highest level are those who don’t forget that there’s always something more to learn. I learn every day from my students, and train with them to figure stuff out and get a better understanding for the art.


Even Dad after 43 years of the stuff was still learning.


So there is nothing I can do to make people better at Taiji, all I will be trying to do is to inspire people, make it easy to learn through the running of many workshops and camp at low costs etc. So that you as the student will take advantage of the teachers around you, even if that teacher is only at a basic level, by you wanting to learn, it will force them to get better. I seen students of of our most basic instructors that are of a much higher level than some who train with our most senior instructors, because they take 100% of what’s being given to them. Of course if you’re lucky enough to be near one of our senior instructors and take 100% of that, well then you’ve got it sorted!



So this is what I’d like to do for now.


We have all our instructors on the website, for people to get in contact with them.

But what I would like to do is get all WTBA members on the new “members page!”

With just your name, location, and contact, as much or as little as you ask to be put up.

This will enable members to find people in their area to train with, and start up monthly or weekly get togethers.


Of course if there’s an instructor teaching near you, then you should be going to their classes. But we have many students all over the world that have no teacher, or they might just be teaching on a day you’re not free, or teaching in a way that doesn’t suit you etc. So to get together and train every so often will really improve your training.


So the idea is, to get everyone around the world training on a weekly basis, just as a training group, no one as the teacher, even if one person in the area is a teacher, you should just all train together, and help each other up the ladder as Dad always use to say.


Once we have groups set up, I will then start up loading lessons, so that everyone in the group can watch it online, then get together and help each other to train in it. Having other people to train with just motivates you to do it, especially things like Standing Qigong etc.


So with these online lessons, you will all have a guide line as to what you should be doing. Of course training in what ever you want to as well, but it’s important to train in what you need as well as what you want.

When I was a kid I can’t say I enjoyed doing 25 minutes of Standing qigong morning and night every day! But I knew that was what I needed, then playing with Knives and sticks was what I wanted!


If people can then get these groups running well, and people wanting to train, I will then come to each group once a month to give that personal touch, see how everyone is going, and give guidance as to where you need to go.


So first things first, I need everyone around the world to send me an email, with your name, location, (just your nearest town or something) and email address.


Like this to make it easier for me.


Eli Montaigue, Swansea, (phone number if you want)


And you need to send this to all people interested in training WTBA stuff, as I only have about 250 people on my mailing list, and there’s a lot more than that out there!


So instructors in particular, if you have students or a mailing list of any kind, forward this message to everyone.



This will be the new way of becoming a WTBA member, if you really want a certificate too just ask.

But having your name on the Members page will be the main thing.



This will bring everyone together, we have thousands of Members, but this will show those true members who really want to train.

And will give a way for instructors also to be able to contact members in their area if they are running classes and workshops etc.


Of course if you don’t want certain info online, just say and I’ll keep it in my private records. But would be good to have at least your first name, City, and email, even take out a hotmail one if you don’t want to put up your main on, and I’ll keep your main one private.


So if you want to keep the WTBA thriving in honour of Dad, send this email out to everyone who might be training WTBA stuff. It’s then up to them if they want to contact me


My email for becoming an updated member is


I will get the page up and running soon.



Regards, Eli