The World Taiji Boxing Association
Internal Martial Arts

 Tai Chi classes Swansea

Class Location

YMCA 1 The Kingsway

Classes are £5, and £3 for Children and students
Two classes in one night is £7 and £4  for Children and students
Tai Chi form class
Wednesday nights 6.30pm till 7.30pm
You will learn  Yang Lu-ch'an's Taiji form, Qigong

Tai Chi Stick form
Wednesday nights 7.30pm till 8.30pm
You will learn  Old Yang Style Stick form

Tai Chi Fighting Class
Thursday nights from 6.30pm till 7.30pm,
Teaching Street fighting self-defence methods from Tai Chi

 Bagua Linear form Class
Thursday nights from 7.30pm till 8.30pm,
Learning Bagua Linear fighting form