The World Taiji Boxing Association
Internal Martial Arts

New Stuff:

Workshop in Bulgaria

Bagua Camp, September 2012.

Foundation Methods 5 day Training Camp, October 2012

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Bringing members together

2 Week long training camp!


Swansea Tai Chi fighting class

Swansea Tai Chi classes

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Llandovery Tai Chi Classes

What We Do

We teach the internal arts as they were originally intended.

As a deadly self-defence art with amazing healing properties, building and balancing internal Qi. Teaching you natural body movement, flowing and explosive, to gain power in real situations.

Trying to educate people away from the mystical garbage such as no touch knock outs, and controlling people with your Qi! This can not be done! Anyone who tells you they can are out right lying to make money and fame. If anyone knows of someone who says this, tell them to give me a call, I'd be happy to prove them wrong!

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